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MLP SSJ vegeta pony by Awesomeeleking5 MLP SSJ vegeta pony :iconawesomeeleking5:Awesomeeleking5 1 0 MLP perfect cell pony by Awesomeeleking5 MLP perfect cell pony :iconawesomeeleking5:Awesomeeleking5 0 0 Scp pony by Awesomeeleking5 Scp pony :iconawesomeeleking5:Awesomeeleking5 2 0 Weyland yutani android:Blue by Awesomeeleking5 Weyland yutani android:Blue :iconawesomeeleking5:Awesomeeleking5 0 0 Godzilla: the bridge: Glacedon by Awesomeeleking5 Godzilla: the bridge: Glacedon :iconawesomeeleking5:Awesomeeleking5 2 0 Custom kaiju:Glacedon by Awesomeeleking5 Custom kaiju:Glacedon :iconawesomeeleking5:Awesomeeleking5 0 2 Jet the arigera by Awesomeeleking5 Jet the arigera :iconawesomeeleking5:Awesomeeleking5 0 0 Mlp oc: Gear shift by Awesomeeleking5 Mlp oc: Gear shift :iconawesomeeleking5:Awesomeeleking5 2 0 My girlfriend's oc Shooting star by Awesomeeleking5 My girlfriend's oc Shooting star :iconawesomeeleking5:Awesomeeleking5 1 0 Arrival of Daiko the saiyan by Awesomeeleking5 Arrival of Daiko the saiyan :iconawesomeeleking5:Awesomeeleking5 1 1 The formidable adversary, THE SUPER SAIYAN!!! by Awesomeeleking5 The formidable adversary, THE SUPER SAIYAN!!! :iconawesomeeleking5:Awesomeeleking5 1 0 Gear shift (steam punk goggles) by Awesomeeleking5 Gear shift (steam punk goggles) :iconawesomeeleking5:Awesomeeleking5 1 0 Gear shift(Kaio-Ken x3) by Awesomeeleking5 Gear shift(Kaio-Ken x3) :iconawesomeeleking5:Awesomeeleking5 3 9 Gear shift (colt) by Awesomeeleking5 Gear shift (colt) :iconawesomeeleking5:Awesomeeleking5 1 3 Petrified gear shift by Awesomeeleking5 Petrified gear shift :iconawesomeeleking5:Awesomeeleking5 1 2 Gear shift trotting by Awesomeeleking5 Gear shift trotting :iconawesomeeleking5:Awesomeeleking5 1 0


Barugon's Icy Domain by Enshohma Barugon's Icy Domain :iconenshohma:Enshohma 164 61 Misc. Kaiju Ponies pt1 by SethHM Misc. Kaiju Ponies pt1 :iconsethhm:SethHM 15 0 An Early Wake Up Call by Faith-Wolff An Early Wake Up Call :iconfaith-wolff:Faith-Wolff 97 11 Kirino turned into a Golden trophy by datgoldeneye Kirino turned into a Golden trophy :icondatgoldeneye:datgoldeneye 30 1 Gohan...Solo? by Stonetouch Gohan...Solo? :iconstonetouch:Stonetouch 82 6 Red Tribe Changeling by Wriggle-Kick Red Tribe Changeling :iconwriggle-kick:Wriggle-Kick 9 3 Apollosaurus-original kaiju by JacobSpencerKaiju79 Apollosaurus-original kaiju :iconjacobspencerkaiju79:JacobSpencerKaiju79 32 71
PMD: Team Evolution Chapter 2
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Evolution
Chapter two: Thunderwave Cave
As Chrissie awoke in the morning she felt  ones tired and floppy. "humph it has changed nothing. I am still an Eevee. But this is not bad. maybe it is to be even quite jocularly to be a Pokemon. *yawn* I am still dog-tired." and thus she lay down again. A few hours later she woke once more. Now she felt better around something. She decided to go of seeing outward and to Flash. When she came out she tripped about something what on the ground lay. The Something was Flash before the base had fallen asleep. "Flash! Awake on!" shouted Chrissie. There he woke. "Huh? What to... oh morning Chrissie!" he shouted. Chrissie sighed and got up again. "Why do you sleep here before the base?" she asked him. "Oh I was excited thus on our first one meet as a rescue team that I already since today morning on you here waits. I must have fallen asleep." Flash answered." Do not make to you too many circumstances" said Chrissie.
:icontwilighttheeevee:TwilightTheEevee 9 8
PMD: Team Evolution Chapter 1
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Evolution
Chapter one: Tiny Woods
"Come on! We must hurry up!" shouted a small Pikachu anxiously and nervously. The Eevee looked at him only sadly and sank her head. "Now come already Chrissie!" shouted the Pikachu and wanted to go on, however, the Eevee stayed down where it was. The Pikachu come closer to her. "Oh already come! They will get us if we do not hurry up!" it said sadly. The Eevee looked into his eyes. She had tears in her eyes. "What if I am? What if I am the person from the legend?" she asked. her voice trembled. "This you are not quite sure! For it you are too nice. And we will prove it!" said the Pikachu resolutely. He went again some would advance. The Eevee rose and followed him, the head still lowered.
"Wh...where am I?" the young girl ask herself. She felt a warm breeze on her body.
"Hello? Can you hear me? Are you hurt?" a boy's voice asked. She opned her eyes. But there wasn't a boy in front of her. It was a little yellow
:icontwilighttheeevee:TwilightTheEevee 13 17
Fighting UV with Some TLC by Sekikumo
Mature content
Fighting UV with Some TLC :iconsekikumo:Sekikumo 61 8
Koko's Happy Ending by Sekikumo
Mature content
Koko's Happy Ending :iconsekikumo:Sekikumo 66 14
A Meeting between Queens by Faith-Wolff A Meeting between Queens :iconfaith-wolff:Faith-Wolff 202 60 Help of Friend by Tomek1000 Help of Friend :icontomek1000:Tomek1000 166 71 Request: Another one bites the gold by Lucky-Jacky Request: Another one bites the gold :iconlucky-jacky:Lucky-Jacky 36 22 Everfree Pool Of Petrification by Stilleye Everfree Pool Of Petrification :iconstilleye:Stilleye 43 3 Twilight and the Golden Cockatrice by Stilleye Twilight and the Golden Cockatrice :iconstilleye:Stilleye 25 2



MLP SSJ vegeta pony
I nailed this one, I mean I got him down least I thought so
MLP perfect cell pony
I tried my best to make him look right u guys can Ben the judge on how he looks.. also tell me if you think I should change anything 
Scp pony
..........................Do I even have to say anything 
Weyland yutani android:Blue
Manufacturer:Weyland yutani 
Cutie mark:None(He's an android its impossible for a non living thing to have one)
Godzilla: the bridge: Glacedon
Glacedon is the custom Kaiju I made my self 

I am a big fan of Godzilla MLP and the bridge fanfic on  fimfiction

the bridge belongs to  tartbano 

godzilla belongs to toho

mlp belongs to hasbro


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